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with Tend.

Devices break, Tend covers that too. 

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Coverage for your favorite devices

Stuff breaks, get powered up again fast.

No Restrictions

Tend offers coverage regardless of age, make, or model.


Unlimited Claims

Bad luck with devices? We don't put a limit on claims for electronics.



Unable to get your device repaired? Replacements are covered too. 


Cancel Anytime

We would hate to see you go, but you can cancel your Tend plan anytime!


What devices are covered?

From mobile phones to smart home systems, Tend protects your favorite electronics.


  • Device
    Mobile Phones
  • Laptops & Computers
    Laptops & Computers
  • home-theater 1
    Home Theatre
  • security-system 1-1
    Smart home
  • xbox 1
    Game consoles
  • Audio Equipment
    Audio Equipment

How claims work

Initiate a claim
Visit the customer portal or call us to initiate your claim, pay the fee, and arrange for repair.
Tend arranges repair
We use our vast repair network to get your working device back fast. If it can't be fixed, we'll get you a replacement.
Get your working device
As soon as possible, we will get your repaired or replacement device back to you quickly, picking up the bill up to the limit.

Our Plans

Affordable, monthly subscriptions.

Electronics + Mobile Phone


and up

  • Covers major electronics
  • Covers 1-4 mobile phones
  • Cancel anytime without fees
  • $1,500 - $6,000 of coverage
Electronics Only


and up

  • Covers major electronics
  • Mobile phones not included
  • Cancel anytime without fees
  • $1,500 - $3,500 coverage

Any questions?

Interested in finding out more about our electronics plans? 

We do not apply age, make or model restrictions to devices. 

If equipment cannot be repaired, Tend will provide a replacement of equivalent features, functions, and specifications, up to your available contract limit. 

$75 fee for any repair

$199 fee for any phone replacement

-Audio Visual Equipment (adapters, headphones, modules, speakers, cabinet)
-Window Covering Control
-Security Cameras
-Game Console and Accessories
-Controllers/Interface (thermostat, smart smoke/co2 detector, garage door, security panel equipment handheld, lighting, system, volume, wall mount, doorbell, intercom, keyless door lock)
-Desktop Computer
-Digital Camera
-Digital Media and Satellite Receiver
-Digital Video Recorder
-Docking Station for Notebook
-DVD Player
-External CD/DVD Player
-External Hard Drive
-HDTV Converter/Decoder
-Home Theater (battery back-up, components, cooling fan, speakers)
-HT Power Distribution
-Keyboards (computer, tabletop and wall mount)
-Network Ethernet Adapter and Switch
-Printers (all in one, inkjet, laser)
-Projector (D-Ila, DLP, LCD, LCOS)
-Receivers Audio/Video
-Smart Home Hub
-Speakers (powered or in-wall)
-Surge Protector
-Streaming Devices
-Switchers (Audio/Video)
-Touch Panels (handheld, tabletop, wall mount, wireless)
-TV (LCD Flat Panel, LED, 3D, Plasma)
-Universal Remote