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Submit a Claim

Below are some helpful tips for filing a Tend claim so we can quickly reimburse you.

Before you schedule a provider for service, ask:

Are they licensed in your state? 

Tend gives you the freedom to choose any qualified and licensed service provider as required by your state to fix your maintenance issue. 

Are they certified to repair your appliance/HVAC?

For certain appliances and HVAC systems, the manufacturer requires the technician to be certified with them. Prior to choosing your service provider, you can verify this with your manufacturer by calling their service line or on their website. 


Before your claim incident date, your payment history must be current:

The following conditions must both be satisfied, for your claim to be approved: 

Prior to the incident date of your claim: 

1. Payments must be current: All monthly payments must be current at least 30 days prior to the incident date. 

2. Payments must be on-time: The last three months of payments must have been completed within 2 days of the respective monthly invoice date.

 Unfortunately, any claim that does not satisfy both these requirements  will be automatically denied by Tend's reinsurer. 

When you file a claim, here's what you’ll need to have on hand:

The more documentation you can provide the better!  Below is a checklist that will make it quicker for us to approve and reimburse you.

(1) Provider information

Provide following information about your provider on the documents you upload for your claim:

  • Name of Business
  • Business address
  • Phone number
  • License number 
  • Technician Name (ideal, but not required) 

(2) Photos and Videos 

A picture says a thousand words!

  • Take photos of the unit when opened by the technician and submit.
  • Upload videos to demonstrate the odd noises coming from a failing unit.

(3) Receipts

 Receipts should include:

  • Form of payment - Check number(s), Credit card type
  • Date of Payment
  • Proof of payment (e.g. shows “Paid” or “Paid in Full” or “Zero Balance”)

(4) Work Orders/Invoices/Estimates 

The following details go a long way to being able to quickly approve your claim.

  • Detailed diagnosis that states what was wrong, what part/total system failed, and age of unit. 
    ExampleThe customer complained that the AC was turning on and off repeatedly and not cooling. Then it stopped completely. Discovered that the compressor had failed and the unit was very low on refrigerant. Unit is 13 years old and very worn. Needs to be replaced.
  • Detailed repair notes stating what was done, what part replaced, any other checks or tests performed.
    ExampleReplaced the expansion valve as it was broken, replaced the condenser coil which was leaking and old.
  • Other required information:
    Model and serial number of the equipment.
    Service call cost or free
    Part/replacement cost
    Labor cost

About Replacements 

If you are filing for a replacement:

  • Be sure that your provider describes in detail why the appliance or equipment could not be repaired in the diagnostic. "Not working, old" is not a sufficient reason.
  • Also note, that only replacements of equivalent features, size, and capacity will be covered.
  • Upgrades can be made but Tend will only reimburse the cost of an equivalent unit.
  • The model and serial number of BOTH the original and new equipment must be included on the work order, invoice, or receipt.


Still Have Questions? 

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact us at or call us at 888-303-7090.