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Family on laptop repaired with Tend Electronics warranty.
Electronics Warranty

Devices break.
Get powered up
again fast.

device white


$1500 annual coverage
Covers 1 mobile phone
$22.99/month or $274.99/year

device plus white


$3500 annual coverage
Covers 2 mobile phones

device premier2


$6000 annual coverage
Covers 4 mobile phones

The Details

Covers most consumer electronics.

No age, make, condition restrictions.

Accidental damage and handling is covered on key mobile devices

Unlimited number of claims.

No automatic cancellation is limit is met.

If equipment cannot be repaired, Tend will provide a replacement of equivalent features, functions, and specifications, up to your available contract limit. 

Some items qualify for automatic replacement.

You can file a claims 30 days after your enrollment begins.  Failures and breakdowns that occurred before or during this 30-day period are not covered.

$75 fee for any repair.

$199 fee for any phone replacement.

Sample contract

When stuff breaks

cracked-smartphone arrow

Initiate a claim

Visit the customer portal or call us to initiate your claim, pay the fee, and arrange for repair.

phone repair arrow

Tend arranges repair

We use our vast repair network to get your working device back fast.  If it can't be fixed, we'll get you a replacement.

smartphone repaired

Get your working device

As soon as possible, we will get your repaired or replacement device back to you quickly, picking up the bill up to the limit.